Teaching Photography Online


It’s hard to believe that it’s the last week of the online food photography and styling for bloggers workshop that started in early January! It’s been a great experience. Most of the photography classes I’ve taught have been one or two days events. While the face to face work is great… having 4 weeks to work with someone and see how they take your feedback and apply it to their work has been really amazing. I love to see those “a-ha” moments!

It’s also been great to work with photographers from around the world, and learn about some beautiful new food blogs, like The Winter Guest and AgoisFoto, both Spanish blogs by workshop students.

Here’s how the classes work. Ron Goldman & I craft 4 different lessons about various aspects of food photography, from the lighting, shooting angle and camera aperture to how to pick props and make the food look the freshest. We also cover some basics of how to prep your photos for the web so they look the best online. The lessons are packed with sample photos and setup shots (with natural light as well as with artificial light of various types).


Each week, students download the written lesson (in PDF form), and have the week to study it and practice shooting on their own schedule. Each lesson includes an assignment that introduces new skills to practice (as well as continuing to work on the skills from the previous weeks). Ron and I (and often, other students!) are available to answer questions on a Q&A forum, whether they are questions on the assignment or other aspects of food photography. In January’s class, this message board was very active with questions from everything from how to deal with reflections on silverware to what the best way to manage long term image storage to how to setup a blog.

If you wanted to attend the workshop that Béa & I were teaching in France but weren’t quite able to make the timing or the finances work, these online classes might be a great option for you! Sure, it’s not France, but you’ll have lots to learn from!

The class starts again this Friday, February 3rd, 2012 and again on March 2nd if you’d like to attend.

  • I’m in. So excited to start this! I have been thinking about it for a while (a friend took this class.) So sorry your France workshop didn’t pan out, would have loved to go there with you and Bea; but this is so much more practical! I am glad you are on this teaching team, it was the final incentive to take the plunge.

    • Anonymous

      Awesome! Looking forward to seeing your work!

  • Mavele

    Can I start today? I don´t want to wait till march

    • Anonymous

      Yes, registration is still open (and will be for a few more days)


  • Simone

    O this is fantastic!! Just read about it today but would love to jump in!! I understand I can still join so I’ll complete the registration in a hour or so when back behind my computer..

  • Sounds and looks like a great class. Hopefully you’ll offer it again later in the year too? Just stopped by to mention…enjoying your book, Lara. I like the case studies and am getting a lot out of the business parts of it and golden nuggets of tips.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Cristina – Awesome! Glad you are enjoying the book! The class will be offered in April, and I expect we’ll continue to have it through the summer as well, as long as folks are interested!


  • This is great! I think I may be taking the class that starts on April 6th.

  • Richa

    I’d love to take this class!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Richa – Great! A new class starts up in April!

  • Margot Kravette

    Will you be doing this again in April?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Margot – Yes, there will be a new class starting up the first Friday in April!


  • AntonyJessjhon

    Incredible short. To take classes for him is a good Idea. I will think about it

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  • am really not a huge foodie and a fledgling photog! But I’d love to sign up for classes, is there a way to get the information on the next session, like a sign up list or something? Thanks!

  • I just bought your Food Photography book, Lara! Thanks to you, I learned why my images are appearing washed out on the web. So, I went to the Convert to Profile and fixed my settings! Thanks for sharing this! When are your next classes?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Jennifer – Great! So glad the book is helping!!

      The next Food Photography for Bloggers classes start the first Friday of the month at least for the next few months. I’m also working on a new series of classes for those folks who want are interested in professional food photography. Those will start mid to late April and be 2 weeks each.


  • Margaret

    Can you tell me pls when the next course is available?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Margaret – the next class starts up the first Friday in April!

  • Hi Lara,
    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now. (In fact, you were kind enough to help me with some photography advice 2 years ago.) I haven’t been by recently (major life changes – quit my IT job, enrolled in pastry school, moved to Paris for a year, you know the usual :D). But I’m so happy to see this! I would have LOVED to attend the France workshop, but I don’t think I could afford 5 days with my new student budget. So this would be perfect. I’m going to sign up for the May class seeing that I just missed April. I look forward to it!

  • Raj

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  • That kind of learning is really nice and helpful for other who wanted to have a perfect capture into the things that they want to capture. It’s one of the best thing that they can actually learn through online. There are also many job opportunities if they desired to continue their learning about photography.

  • Thanks to you, I learned why my images are appearing washed out on the web. So, I went to the Convert to Profile and fixed my settings foto payudara ! Thanks for sharing this! Will you have classes after April?