• Those photos are just gorgeous! I especially like the one on the left – it reminds me of a couture gown…

  • Joy

    This sounds kind of strange, but that’s such a beautiful red onion right there.

  • Beautiful clicks…
    Given any day or time…I would not given onion a second look… you change my perspective of seeing things.. Thank you

  • It’s great to see a produce being celebrated so beautifully and simply.

  • Would have never thought that onions could also look so sexy!
    Beauty is really where u find it!

  • that’s so true .. beauty is where you find it .. and red onions couldn’t look any better..

  • There is beauty to be found everywhere.

  • Va-va-va-voom! That onion is a looker!

  • @StickyPenguin: I was thinking the same thing!

    These are stunning pictures and I’ve always thought red onions have the such beautiful color and shine 🙂

  • So far best picture of the month!. I love red onion or like some pepole call spnish onions, i like the sweetness of this kind of onion and most of all that no make you cry!


  • Beautiful!! I love your creativity and styling on the left image!

  • Beautiful images

  • Anna Alonzo

    I recognized this shot in the grocery store today. The Edible Seattle cover shot. Nice! I hear you are busy working on books. Super excited to see more!

  • Just saw the Edible Seattle cover – always exciting to see your work when I’m out and about!

  • OliviaZ1107

    Thank you! Love this idea! Definitely using this for bar-b-que’s table presentation this Summer!

  • Rachel

    beautiful pictures!! do you have a shop where you sell your images? i would love to purchase if you do 🙂