Today I… had a little pot of comfort

Thank you all for your amazing out pouring of kind words and prayers for my family and me. I am truly touched by your warmth.

CE Veg Minestrone-19.jpg

I am also comforting myself with other warmth, like this little pot of baked eggs with smokey paprika. Just toast up some little squares of stale bread tossed in a little salt and olive oil until they are slightly crunchy. Then, top with an egg (or two if you like), and tiny pour of cream and a healthy dash of smoky paprika (hot or sweet, whichever you prefer), and bake at 350F until the whites are set.

Getting into the kitchen always brings me joy. It’s a celebration of life and love that I suppose is what Valentines day is supposed to be about. I don’t usually do anything to celebrate it, but my mom always did send a card. I think she would have liked this little pot of deliciousness.

15 thoughts on “Today I… had a little pot of comfort

  1. Hi Lara,
    I recently made baked eggs on a bed of wilted spinach, with a dash of cream, and parmesan, (I kept it tradional) and apart from the fact it was cold by the time I ate mine (I spent half an hour photographing it!) it was definately full of comfort. I am always amazed by the powers of eggs , Ingrid x

  2. Hi Lara. I’ve always love eggs any meal and this pot of baked eggs truly comes fantastic and making me hungry. Maybe even without the smokey paprika, your recipe and presentation is truly a masterpiece. I love everything. Thanks for sharing.-Maria

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