Today I... Had a Complete Noodle Failure
13 Jan 2011

It started with an idea to make my own soba noodles. My udon noodles were so tasty, I thought it would be no problem.

They started out beautifully enough. I used a ratio of 2:1 buckwheat to bread flour with salt and water. The rested dough, once rolled a little bit, fed through the past roller to yield fine sheets of pasta.

untitled-1.jpgCE Soba-7.jpg

It even cut into beautiful long threads instead of crumbling as I feared it might.

CE Soba-1.jpg

Kind of gorgeous aren't they? Just think of them floating in dashi. What could go wrong?

CE Soba-3.jpg

Well, apparently, even a slight move in the warm broth, and they turned into sludge.

CE Soba-4.jpg

So sad. Obviously, no recipe until I get it right. I always do like a good challenge...

Has anyone made their own soba before? What's your trick?

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