Today I… Ate a Crepe

The crepe is the Joy of Cooking buckwheat crepe recipe with a little less all purpose and a little whole wheat pastry flour. The hash is quick saute of yukon gold potato, broccoli stem & button mushroom in a very hot pan. Top with a poached egg, salt & pepper.

CE Crepe Veg Hash-12bright.jpgCE Crepe Veg Hash-20.jpg

Although it looks a bit “steppy” this would actually be an easy brunch for a group of people. The crepe batter can be made the night before (and kept covered in the refrigerator overnight… it needs at least an hour rest anyway). Chop the veggies (it helps to parboil the potato so it sautes quickly), and have them ready to go. Make the crepes while the water heats for the eggs, and set them aside. Poach the eggs and let them sit with a drizzle of olive oil in a warm spot near the stove, while the pan heats for the hash. Then quickly saute the veggies, and assemble.