Ricotta Drop Doughnuts with a Fresh Cherry Sauce

I think I mentioned in my last post, that after a couple of months hiatus from doughtnuts everyday for the book, I have been a bit doughnut crazy once again. In addition to the vetkoek I posted about over the weekend, I made no fewer than 4 batches of doughnuts on Father’s day morning for a doughnut taste-off my friends Dawn and Eric blogged about (my cake doughnuts came in 3rd, beating out quite a few of the big-name doughnut shops in Seattle! Not bad for cooking in the groggy hours of the morning).

I also was excited to be asked by iVillage to share a recipe for the 4th of July. It won’t surprise you to find I made doughnuts. This time, Ricotta Drop Doughnuts with a fresh cherry sauce. These fritters are very quick to make and hold up quite well for an hour or two, so you can take them with you to a picnic (if you can resist eating them all while they are still warm).


If you are looking for more great recipes for the 4th, make sure you check out the other featured recipes from some of my favorite blogs, including a to-die for looking Smoked Tomato Salsa from Gluten Free Girl and the Chef, a tempting Raspberry, Honey and Black Tea Sorbet from Not Without Salt, and spicy Firecracker Chocolate Pudding from Not Martha!

  • wow! this looks great definitely it taste yummy too. I like your blog…always looking forward if you have a new post. I also have a blog…just started a month ago so i still need to learn a lot from the experts.

  • Richard

    Wow they look fab, I think I’m going to have to try and my hand at those myself.

  • Wow these look good! Let me know next time you have a doughnut taste-off, I want in (on the tasting)!! =)

  • I did not know I had a burning desire to make this until 5 seconds ago… Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I really can’t wait for your book…

  • nice to know u Lara. I really admired the talent you as a photographer. full of art …..(smile)

  • That seems so sweet…. and your pictures are very nice, congrats

  • The ricotta doughnuts look so good. And your photos take everything to a higher level..

  • Ohh these look gooood!! Thank you.

    Great pics!!