BlogHer Food 09
28 Sep 2009

I'm just back home after a weekend spent in San Francisco attending and speaking at BlogHer Food 09. What a wonderful trip! I was so honored to be asked to speak along with so many of my food photography/blogging heros... Heidi Swanson, Matt Armendariz and Todd & Diane, as well as putting faces to names of so many bloggers that I love (too many to name here!) Matt & I finished up the visual track with a talk on Advanced Photography, which was more about workflow and some thoughts on taking your photos to the next level than f-stops and ISOs. I had an absolute blast! If you missed the talk, or wanted to revist the slides, I've posted them here. The PDF file is a little on the large size, so be prepared for a bit of a slow download. If you have other questions, as always, feel free to send them my way. Thanks again to the folks at BlogHer for inviting me to speak! PS - If you missed BlogHerFood, why not head to Ixtapa in January for the Food Blogger Camp? I'm thinking about heading down myself!

(In case you were wondering, I am an Amazon affiliate, and purchases from links in this post to Amazon may earn me a nickel or two... so thanks!).

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