Food Styling Class for a Cause, and a Food Photography Class Giveaway
31 Dec 2008

Quickly now before time runs out by the end of day, today... have you checked out the great food photography and styling offerings this year on Menu for Hope 5? All money donated goes to help fight world hunger, and you may be one of the lucky ones that grab the Master Food Styling Class with two of my favorite ladies, Denise & Cindie! Or, how about a pair of Lowel Ego lights from Sam of Becks & Posh. Head over to Matt's to find the west coast offerings with both of these prizes, or to Pim's to see a complete list of prizes. Also, here's another cool opportunity... head over to White on Rice and enter the drawing for a free online Food Photography class by Ron Goldman and Kathleen Clemons.

(In case you were wondering, I am an Amazon affiliate, and purchases from links in this post to Amazon may earn me a nickel or two... so thanks!).

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