Thank you BlogHer!
29 Jul 2007

I'm just back from Chicago, from BlogHer, the conference for women bloggers. Bea, Jan and I all had such a great time with our panel on Food Photography (HappyKatie live blogged about it here, and StyleFool here. Thanks to both of you for such a great job transcribing). As someone who isn't much of a fan of public speaking, I have to say, I had so much fun during this talk, and just wanted to say a big thanks to all the attendees for their great questions and attention. There was so much to cover... far more than was possible in the hour and a half we had, and every few minutes I think of another thing that I wish that I had said. But, I guess that just gives me more stuff to talk about here. Once again, thanks to all the attendees and to BlogHer and it's sponsors for asking me to attend. PS: Bea has added a great summary of some of her key points on her blog... do take a look!

(In case you were wondering, I am an Amazon affiliate, and purchases from links in this post to Amazon may earn me a nickel or two... so thanks!).

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