Trick or Treat? Dark Chocolate Martini

Perhaps you might be lured in by this simplest of chi-chi martini’s, all dressed up in chocolate. You’d take a sip expecting some sugary concoction with dark cocoa undertones. You’d soon realize that you’ve been tricked. There is no Godiva liquor here. This cocktail is like the temptation of smelling vanilla extract and even though you know it won’t be, expecting something sweet when you dab a little to your tongue. Or, maybe you have a childhood memory of finding your mother’s unsweetened baking chocolate, and excitedly popping a whole square in your mouth, only to wonder what could possibly have happened to make chocolate taste so bad?

Still, this dark chocolate martini is quite a treat for the true dark chocolate lovers out there… those that prize the pure bitter essence of chocolate over it’s semi-sweet or milky cousins. It’s chocolate on the savory side, more like a slightly bitter walnut than a candy bar. As you sip, if you are like me, you find yourself intrigued rather than put off by the flavor. And once your expectations are reset, you start to savor each mouthful.

To make the infused vodka, you need a glass container with a good lid and some cocoa nibs. Nibs are crunched up pieces of roasted cocoa beans. Cocoa nibs can be hard to find, but if you live in Seattle, I highly recommend swinging by the Theo store for a small box (a little go a long way). If you aren’t from here, first check with a local chocolate shop… and then try a specialty grocery like Whole Foods, or order them online. Simply put a handful of nibs in the glass container and fill with vodka. Close it up, and let it sit for two or three days in the refrigerator before using. Give it a shake once a day or so. The liquid should turn a beautiful dark caramely color of brown.

Also published by me on Well Fed Network’s Spirit World.

Dark Chocolate Martini
1 part cocoa-nib infused vodka, chilled
1 part regular vodka, chilled
a tiny splash of fresh lemon or mandarin juice (optional)
unsweetened dark chocolate cocoa (for rim)
sugar (for rim)

On a flat plate, mix together about 1T of sugar and 1T dark chocolate cocoa. Slightly wet the rim of a martini glass, and dip into the sugar cocoa mixture. Then, pour in the regular vodka followed by the infused vodka, and your citrus splash if using. If your vodka isn’t cold, shake with ice first, and strain into the glass.

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