Five things to eat before you die

Matt tagged me for this meme created by the incomparable Melissa of Traveler’s Lunchbox over a week ago, and I’ve been all tangled up in knots about it… not because I wasn’t thrilled to be tagged… but because I just crumble when it comes to prioritizing lists… I’ll come up with one thing thing and blank on everything else I want to add, and then the dam will break and I’ll be flooded with things that simply must be listed. And priorites? Forget about it. Not when it comes to food! That’s comparing apples and oranges literally.

Still, I’ve loved reading everyone else’s list and hungrily picking off things that I must now try. So I figured I’ll throw a few things out there and maybe as I write them down, they will stick.

A bowl of freshly picked berries off of your own bushes. The kind doesn’t matter, just that you grew them, picked them and popped them in your mouth. Simply heaven.

Tuna Sashimi – straight off of the fish while you are still on the boat. I haven’t actually done this yet, but it’s been one of those things I’ve always wanted to do. No soy or wasabi needed.

Barbecued octopus whilst sitting out on a patio in Athens, Greece. Forget any prior experiences of octopus you may have had… this is the stuff… crisp and smokey on the outside and hardly a hint of the rubbery bite you expect. A traditional greek salad to go along side, and you’ve got a meal and a half. I’ll pass on the ouzo though.

Real Neapolitan Pizza. Ideally in Italy, but if you can’t make it there, find a pizzeria that has been officially “blessed” by the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana like Tutta Bella in Seattle.

The Ferroni family recipe for butter tarts, fresh from the oven. Cameron’s father prefers them cold, but Cam and I always sneak a couple while they are still warm enough that they might burn the tops of our mouths. Pure sugary bliss.

Oh dear. That’s 5 isn’t it. I haven’t even mentioned a cup of espresso brewed from your own beans, a bowl of homemade pear gelato, a freshly baked madeleine at the end of a long day of skiing, a purely local and seasonal meal…

I’m passing on the tagging this time… but if you want to participate, the call is open to all bloggers!

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