Food Styling Class: Plating, Presentation and Garnishment
26 Apr 2006

Culinary Communion in West Seattle offers this new series course starting in late May. Each Monday evening for 4 weeks, students will gather to learn the key to restaurant food styling with Chef Hope Sandler. Techniques covered will include:

  • Filo dough techniques: purse, strudel, cup, fettuccine, shard, pillow, tart
  • Wonton skin techniques, noodle baskets, potato maxims, crispy herb leaves
  • Vegetable, herb, and fruit work
  • Stencil shaping tuiles
  • Chocolate techniques: leaves, honeycomb, marble
  • Cooked sugar techniques: caramel sticks, baskets, spun sugar, brûlée
  • Utilizing sauces, stencils, and powders to decorate plates.

The series is $320, and each class includes a full meal. Registration is limited to 10 students. For more information on this class, or other offerings from Culinary Communion, visit their website.

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