A Meme for Monday

I’m in New York for a few more days, so no recipes until later in the week, but it turns out that it’s perfect timing for a meme post. Bea tagged me on Friday with this 4×8 list in which you will learn just how random I can be:

Four Jobs I?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢ve Had in My Life:
1. Group Program Manager, Microsoft
2. Web Developer and Business Owner
3. Movie Theater Ticket Taker
4. Veterinary Assistant (when I was 12 to 14!)
Do you think this list could be more random?

Four Movies I Could (and I do) Watch Over and Over:
Oh, there are too many….
1. Lost in Translation
2. Dude Where’s My Car
3. The Double Life of Veronique (or Red, Blue or White also by Kieslowski)
4. Bring It On

Four Places I?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢ve Lived:
I’m going to have to leave off well over half, if I limit this to 4. Here are some of the more interesting spots:
1. Agana, Guam (the first 6 weeks of my life)
2. Cranston, Rhode Island
3. Boulder, CO
4. Seattle, WA

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch:
Unlike Bea, I do watch TV. Too much TV. I had to limit these to shows that are current… which, actually cuts out a lot of my favorites (Buffy!)
1. Grey’s Anatomy (current addiction)
2. How I Met Your Mother
3. Gilmore Girls
4. My Name Is Earl

Four Places I Have Been on Vacation:
I travel a lot, so I was going to make this my favorites. But, I pretty much love everywhere I’ve been, and couldn’t come up with a list of just 4 favorites. So, these are just the most recent. Not counting anything in the US. Or Canada. Did I mention that I travel a lot?
1. Amsterdam, Holland
2. Serengeti, Tanzania, Africa
3. Buenos Ares, Argentina
4. Tours, France

Four Websites I Visit Daily:
Leaving out all of the food blogs I frequent almost daily:
1. Flickr
2. >Slashfood
3. >Seattle Metroblog
4. New York Time Travel section

Four of My Favorite Foods:
1. Cheese. I graciously decline to narrow it down more than that.
2. Berries. Straight up, any kind of berries, no whip cream please.
3. Sushi. From the west coast. Preferably anywhere in British Columbia.
4. Bread and Butter

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now:
I’m having a pretty awesome time in NYC this week, so it’s hard to answer this. But, as a rule, I’d almost always love to be:
1. Anywhere in Italy
2. Anywhere in France
3. Visiting more countries (Zambai, Botswana, South Africa) in Africa
4. Australia or New Zealand (because I’ve never been)

Four Tags to Continue this Meme:
Oh dear. This is always the tricky part. I’m going to try to tag different people than I usually do as I’m pretty sure they are starting to get a little annoyed with me. Time to annoy others. Except for Cam. He has to put up with me (plus he owes me one from last time).
1. Cam, my DH
2. Matt, from Matt Bites (if you haven’t seen his gorgeous food blog yet, it’s an absolute MUST!)
3. Catherine, from Madeleine (I completely love her delightfully rich tales of foodie adventures)
4. And Skippy from Techno Luddite

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