Sesar Deployment Framework Partnership Agreement

Associations are invited to play a role in supporting operational actors in the operational process in order to make the best possible use of existing coordination mechanisms. You are invited to transmit and complete the communication of the SESAR Deployment Manager with its members. Subject to a specific mandate from one or more of their members, associations could also participate in the Stakeholder Consultation Platform (SCP). In this role, the associations would complement and enhance the sesar Deployment Manager`s consultation mechanism, which is linked to their own internal consultation mechanisms. Joint projects aim to implement ATM DE functionalities that will achieve key operational changes and contribute to EU-wide performance targets. Atm functionalities must be developed for implementation and require synchronized delivery. In line with the DLS recovery plan, the SESAR Deployment Manager is a pioneer and stimulates the implementation of a single European governance for DLS using the SDA model. In this context, the SDM encourages the development of a multistakeholder project that specifically defines a common European governance for DLS and assists the SDM in identifying service areas and designing the necessary system architecture at local and European level in order to implement the solution of European objectives defined in the ELSA study. Given that the definition and implementation of an effective end-to-end system certification process for data connections is considered to be essential precursors to effective implementation and operation, SDM will work with relevant stakeholders and bodies (EASA and standardisation bodies) to facilitate its implementation. It is up to the manufacturing industry to conclude the necessary working agreements to cooperate with SDM in the most efficient way possible. SDM promotes all working agreements that could lead to some kind of priority of the manufacturing industry in the supply of SESAR. The Operational Programme shall be part of the Framework Partnership Agreement and shall contain a comprehensive and structured work plan for all activities. The model grant agreement is intended to cover a wide range of cases concerning examples of IPRs and cannot be exhaustive in the text.

Beneficiaries are invited to draw up a list of aid-related activities. (Source: INEA) Commissioner Violeta Bulc said: “Today`s agreement is a great achievement for EU aviation, which is forever changing the European flight control system and making it smarter, cheaper, more environmentally friendly and safer. It is also an important step towards the creation of the Single European Sky. These projects will result in economic benefits for the EU as a whole, contributing more than €400 billion to its GDP, creating more than 300,000 new jobs and saving 50 million tonnes of CO2 emissions. The ATM Master Plan is the roadmap that advances the modernisation of the European ATM Management System and links SESAR research and development to use. It is SES`s most important instrument for the proper functioning of the region and the Mediterranean and for the timely, coordinated and synchronised deployment of SESAR. As an agreement between the parties, the grant agreement is in full compliance with Regulation 1/58 as regards the language arrangements. The fragmentation of Europe`s airspace structure is inefficient and costs more than comparable regions around the world. The European Commission`s Single European Sky initiative, of which the introduction of SESAR is an important pillar, will improve efficiency, reduce delays and improve environmental performance.

No no. First, the “only” introduction program is a joint pilot project project. .

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