Fao Personal Services Agreement

Moving expenses Under the terms of your contract, you may be entitled to the transportation of your personal belongings and household items. All staff positions are temporary. A temporary job has no legal or other expectation of renewal or transformation, regardless of the length of service. Staff employed in the context of PPE may participate in academic or administrative work. The first order is usually made for a period of one year, with the possibility of permanent and temporary extension; However, the total reconnection may not exceed six years. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is a special agency of the United Nations that leads international efforts to fight hunger. Internationally recruited staff working outside their home country are available to cover part of the education costs of full-time children in an educational institution. The subsidy must be paid until the end of the fourth year of secondary education; Students are subject to a maximum age of 25 years. Depending on the circumstances, educational travel expenses may also be paid for the child. “The scientific and administrative staff of the university is chosen to achieve the stated objectives. The basic criteria for selection are the highest standards in terms of efficiency, competence and integrity, with due regard for adequate representation in terms of geography, social systems, cultural traditions, age and gender. (Charter of the United Nations University, Article VIII, para. 1) Basic salaryThe basic salary depends on the grade and the existence of any dependent creditors.

The base salary is expressed in US dollars and is mainly payable in local currency. “We believe that everyone can contribute to ending hunger.” Old-age pensionIf you have a period of service of six months or more or if you perform six months of uninterrupted service, you will become a member of the United Nations Joint Pension Fund. A compulsory contribution is deducted from your monthly salary. For more information about the UNJSP, click here. Travel insuranceYou will be compensated by the organization in case of injury or illness due to the fulfillment of official obligations. In the event of death in similar circumstances, your family will also be compensated. As an FAO staff member, you may be entitled to the benefits listed below: Tax exemptionsTax anointing, subsidies and allowances paid by FAO are, in most cases, exempt from national income tax. In the event of an emergency, an emergency allowance linked to living and working conditions is also paid to certain services. FAO sticks to the UN common system for wages, allowances and social benefits. To view the UN salary tables in the occupational category, click here. Detailed information on salaries and allowances is available in the United Nations Common System booklet on salaries and allowances.

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