Ebay Api License Agreement

Please check our API status page to ensure there are no known issues with the API:go.developer.ebay.com/api-status eBay regularly checks and updates its policies and agreements to ensure they comply with the latest laws and other eBay usage rules and rules. It is your responsibility to read the updated API License Agreement and familiarize yourself with the latest terms and conditions. Please note that continued access to or use of the eBay APIs and related services or materials is a mandatory acceptance of the updated license agreement. The Program and access to the developer tools are provided solely for the purpose of promoting and facilitating access to and use of the eBay Services (as defined below). If eBay believes that you or your users are using the developer tools in a way that harms eBay`s business interests, eBay may terminate these terms, suspend your API license, stop participating in the program, terminate your access to the developer tools, and/or reduce your access to any or a few APIs. These Terms of Use and the API License Agreements (“Terms”) govern your participation in the Program, including your license to use the APIs, and are effective from the effective date (a) the date you declare your consent or (b) the date you first access the developer tools or eBay Content (defined below) (the “Effective Date”), these conditions and development tools will change over time. Please check the eBay Development Program website regularly for the latest updates. The use of eBay Buy APIs in production is for eBay partners only. Users must request access to production through the eBay Partner Network. Acceptance of applications is based on the proposed business model and a formal agreement on compliance with the guidelines and requirements established by eBay and PayPal.

There is no guarantee that your request to use API production will be approved. “eBay Website” means any of the following versions: ebay.com and all international versions owned by eBay Inc. or its subsidiaries are operated and controlled by eBay Inc. or its subsidiaries (for example. B ebay.de, ebay.co.uk, ebay.com.au, etc.). www.ebay.com/androidwww.ebay.com/ios “eBay User Agreement” means the terms and policies under which eBay offers eBay services to eBay users currently available through a link on the home page of any eBay site (for example. B the terms of use ebay.com). .


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