Dfas Agreement

DFAS agreed to pay US$21,191 for 14 pre-appeal comparators, 5 of which were monetary comparisons with an average amount of 4,238 $US. DFAS spent a total of $290,867 on 32 complaint investigations, which estimates average expenditures of 9,090 $US. DFAS` average processing time for all claims accounts increased from 239 days in fiscal year 2008 to 241 days in fiscal year 2009. The government average was 344 days. DFAS processed 98% of the 99 deliberations closed in the 2009 financial year prior to the complaint (without incarceration) in a timely manner. Regarding the contract number: BPA HQ0423-10-A-5009 [Under GSA MOBIS Schedule GS-10F-0608N] *Contains only complaints filed during the 2009 financial year, when the board was closed in the 2009 financial year. * The EEOC revised the formula for calculating the ADR offer and participation rates in FY2006. State User Fee: MOBIS Accentures Schedule Fee GS-10F-0608N Order Types: Fixed price, time and material as well as as as cost type Au 30. On 27 September 2009, DFAS employed 238 people (1.95%) of targeted persons with disabilities (IWTD). To reach the federal target of 2% participation, it took 244 IWTDs. This represents a decrease of 5 employees compared to fiscal 2008 and a decrease of 33 employees since fiscal 2005. The participation rate was 2.04% for the 2008 financial year and 2.02% for the 2005 financial year.

Over 5 years, DFAS recorded a net decrease of 0.07% in targeted disabled staff. Permanent staff: 12,022 Temporary agency workers: 186 total staff: 12,208 The most frequently mentioned bases of the alleged discrimination were: (1) reprisals; (2) age; and (3) (physical) disability. Of the 61 complaints filed with the DFAS, 12 contained allegations of racial discrimination (black/African American), 1 contained allegations of racial discrimination (white), 2 contained allegations of racial discrimination (Asia), 1 contained allegations of racial discrimination (Indians/Alaska Natives), 7 contained allegations of discrimination in color, and 39 contained allegations of discrimination based on disability. Of the 32 investigations closed, 75% were in good time. The average time for the DFAS to complete an investigation was 152 days. Of the authorities that completed 25 or more investigations, the Tennessee Valley Authority had the lowest average of 100 days…

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