Agreement Manager Acadiasoft

Using intelligent technology, AgreementManager learns the physical representation of legal and operational data that has been written into multiple types of contracts and then converts it into standardized digital records. Access a number of scanning providers to turn your agreements into organized data. Your data is stored centrally in AcadiaSoft`s Agreement Manager and is immediately available to all approved AcadiaSoft services and partner applications. Agree, share, and control agreement templates generated by the user community and its customers. Use models in confidence that they use best practices and market standards. Type of agreement: the type of Margin Call agreement indicated by AcadiaSoft. Possible Types: The suite of agreements focuses on automating CSA contracts, digitizing old contracts, connecting to online trading providers, as well as a smart and standardized workflow to consolidate and confirm operational and legal data through a single interface. It can be complex, time-consuming and expensive to negotiate, scan, record, generate and manage data. The industry-developed agreementManager for the industry significantly reduces the time and labor burden for accurately maintaining an efficient repository of agreement data by introducing a common standard workflow. The agreement manager enables fast and scalable consolidation and confirmation of legal and operational data via a single interface. Create a relevant record of security agreements through common standards and a single workflow that allows you to negotiate, digitize, record, generate and control data related to the security agreement. The agreement manager is fully integrated into third-party trading and scanning providers, as well as other AcadiaPlus applications, to enable a complete, standard and shared workflow. Mayank Shah, Head of Strategy and Alliances at Calypso Technology, said: “With this agreement, we are adding to the AcadiaSoft IMEM market standard coordination platform an interface that allows companies to standardize the margin calculation and verification process and resolve disputes while maximizing straight through processing.” A total of 19 counterparty groups, with some 1,050 new arrangements, are planned for Phase 4 of the regulatory framework established by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) and the International Organisation of Financial Market Supervisors (IOSCO).

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