Tenancy Agreement Template Germany

A lease is not in shape. And if a condition is not immoral in German law, you can commit to buying a basket of fruit for the owner every other Tuesday. Or what kind of compensation landlords and tenants feel fit for the right to live in this apartment. It is possible for the tenant to make a written objection to the termination of a lease by the lessor, which expresses the desire to continue the lease. A hard reason is a reason to want to give you the rental contract. Sustainable hardness lands include inability to obtain adequate, alternative housing, age, poor health or long rent in the residence. The written objection must be sent to the lessor two months before the end of the agreed lease. Your lease also provides provisions for future rent increases. From a legal point of view, your landlord cannot increase your rent during the first 12 months of your tenancy agreement or within 20% (15% in some states) over a three-year period. Tenants can terminate a tenancy agreement in writing with a period of three months. The same notice applies whether you have lived three months or thirty years in the property, unless your lease provides for a shorter or longer termination period. Some landlords therefore require a “step rent” (relay rental) that gradually increases over time.

A timetable for any rent increases will be included in your rental agreement. It should be noted that if your landlord charges you rent, additional rent increases are not allowed. Therefore, when a tenant decides to rent the apartment in whole or in part to third parties, a sublease agreement must be signed with the tenant (s). Even if the reasons for termination are admissible, a minimum period of termination applies. For landlords and tenants, different periods apply. Germany protects the rights of tenants and it is very difficult for landlords to terminate a tenancy agreement. Your contract can only be terminated for certain reasons, such as. B: The lessor can only terminate a lease agreement in the following circumstances: To sublet, permission must be granted by the owner. At this stage, a general sublease authorization must be distinguished from an individual sublease authorization.

The latter is customized and needs to be updated when a new sub-mandate is installed. In addition, there is a legal difference in the rental of the entire apartment or only sharing. If it is only a partial sublease. B the rental of a room to create a roommate, the lessor cannot refuse the sublease if, after the signing of the main lease, there is a legitimate interest in a sublease. The legitimate interest may be of a personal and economic cause, as for example. B: If the principal tenant does not seek permission to sublet, he or she may be held liable. It is also a reason for the exceptional termination of the lease.

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