Oecta Collective Agreement

Sign up for membership to access your local collective agreement. If you have any questions about the provision of services by your board of directors, talk to the association representative at your school or call your local unit office. As a Catholic school board, we respect collective bargaining and hope that a freely negotiated agreement can soon be reached. We are not directly involved in the central negotiations, but we are aware that the OECD will continue provincial negotiations on Thursday, January 9 and Friday, January 10 to reach an agreement. CDSBEO has received the notice that the Ontario Teachers` Association for English Catholics (OECD), the Trust Association of the Catholic School of Ontario (OCSTA) and the Ontario government have reached an interim collective agreement. The OECD is the union that represents all primary and secondary teachers in the CDSBEO, and this interim agreement means that all stages of work have been suspended. “Despite the effects of the partial stoppage of work on Monday, all CDSBEO schools will remain open and regular classes will continue in the classroom,” said President Todd Lalonde. “We remain committed to the labour negotiation process and thank the Community for its patience and understanding as collective bargaining in the provinces continues.” If you have reason to believe that your collective agreement has not been applied, interpreted or managed in accordance with its terms, you should contact the association`s representative in your school, the representative of your claims unit or the Landesamt immediately. CDSBEO is aware that if no OECD agreement is reached by the end of 10 January 2020, the OECD will begin working action. This action will only have an impact on the initiatives of the Ministry of Education and/or the school`s management and will not have an impact on student learning in the classroom.

Based on the OECD announcement, all CDSBEO schools are open. The Board of Directors will publish details as soon as the information becomes available on CDSBEO`s social media channels and on this site, as well as by email to parents via SchoolMessenger. CDSBEO continues to monitor this situation closely and appreciates the patience of our school community. On September 25, 2015, members ratified a new Settlement Protocol (MOS) that concludes the provincial portion of your collective agreement. Subsequently, local units began negotiations on the local component of their collective agreement.

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