Agreement To Agree Sample Clause

In Clapp v. Jmk/skewer, Inc., 484 N.E.2d 918 (Ct. of App.3d Dist. Ill. 1985), the applicant attempted to reach a person who had suffered a person in a shopping centre at the mall by claiming that the relationship between the shopping centre and the mall store was a joint venture. If the lease agreement between the mall and the store contained the relational language described above and presented by the sample below, the applicant would probably not have invoked such a relationship. As it was, the Tribunal had no problem determining and determining that the relationship was not a joint venture, since none of the essential characteristics of a joint venture existed. The Tribunal stated: “Normally, this is a question of fact as to whether or not a joint venture exists. However, if the complaint and attachments indicate that [the] necessary elements of a joint venture cannot be invoked, the defendant is entitled to a dismissal of the complaint.” In the first appeal, the High Court found that the applicant had an enforceable right to counselling services for the first four-year period, but was not entitled to do so for another period. The obligation on the parties to agree on the length of an additional period was not applicable, as it was an agreement that did not contain a “mechanism” or “objective standard” for the Tribunal to “conclude” on the duration of the extension. The contract [lawyer or Paralegal] [or use the legal name of the contract lawyer or Paralegal`s legal name] undertakes to appoint associate lawyers [possibly name lawyers], junior paralegs [name of paralgals], lawyers and employees [if any employees]. Monitoring includes [if any revision]: these clauses do not affect any of the Claim or Termination rights of the Majesty that are included in the GC section of this contract (inserting clause numbers relating to cancellation and termination) 1. In view of the performance by the [lawyer or paralgal] contract of the services, [name of contract/lawyer/paralegal] payment is provided in fixed tranches [weekly, two weeks, monthly] of [dollar].

[The parties may include a clause to determine whether additional compensation is granted when the contract lawyer or Paralegal exceeds a specified number of mooring hours and whether a ceiling is reasonable.] The applicant initiated proceedings and argued that he was entitled to “an additional period of time during which additional remuneration under the GSA was payable.”

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