Agreement Management Tool Microsoft

Because the software is based on Microsoft`s SharePoint document management platform, it`s the best contract management software that lets you work for Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook and Active Directory files. The software offers unique features to automate the most tedious and tedious tasks of contract managers, including version control and extension warnings. Office 365 provides the basic tools contract managers and lawyers need to create, edit and manage contracts, namely Word, Excel and Outlook. But it`s Azure, Microsoft`s cloud platform, that offers the greatest benefits for contract management. Here are 8 good reasons to choose SharePoint and Office 365 as a platform to meet your contract management requirements. Tasks and Alerts – With the workflow, there are tasks and alerts that tell the parties involved that something needs their attention. Contract management software has developed the infrastructure to inform business users when contracts need to be audited and approved and when contracts are about to expire or renew them automatically. The escalation of late or threatened tasks draws the attention of managers and managers to the problems that need to arise. Of course, moving contract management to Office 365 and Azure means moving into the cloud. Five years ago, legal teams were concerned about cloud contract management. The reason? Control and security of contracts and related documents.

These concerns have been mitigated in relation to reality, as companies gain experience on the platform – and Microsoft continues to focus on security in its first cloud strategy for mobile first. From a contract control and security perspective, consider the following. Looking for an upgrade to your contract management system? You may be the biggest part of the way. Office 365, the cloud collection of Microsoft productivity tools such as Excel and Word, is becoming the norm in many businesses. The combination of Office 365 and Azure – the Microsoft cloud in which O365 lives – has features that make enterprise contract management simpler and safer as soon as tools are used for business processes. The integration of LoB – Contract management, which is cut off from decision-making to management positions, is of lesser value. Integrating the contract management system with other online business systems allows executives real-time access to contract execution. In addition, contract managers will have access to centralizedly managed information on counterparties, prices, inventory, personnel and resources.

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