Zameen Ka Agreement Kaise Kare

Helo Mera Sabal yeh h ki mene ek pilot 20/25 ka kiya tha 5-07-2009 May from 11 bad room where bapas mag rhe hai . Hamari galton yeh rhi ki humne copy py signature kr liya tha pr registry nhi kra pey ab hum uski kaise le all the registrar has to apply to the office to get this information. The residence certificate with the application form, the survey number and the location of the property you want to be informed of and the period during which you wish information must be filed. It usually takes 15 to 30 days to obtain a certificate without credit. Sail`s deed is the most important legal document by which the seller transfers the rights of his property to the buyer and the ownership of the property goes to the new owner. You know what the law says about how INS can inherit real estate in India. . – The identity and ownership of both parties are clear. This means that the buyer and seller are legally responsible for the purchase and sale of the property.

Identity cards, etc., can be used for this purpose. It is very important to have your own home in the life of a human being. Your home adds enrichment to every family. Since this involves emotional and financial values, it is necessary to buy the right property through an appropriate procedure, so that you no longer have any legal obstacles in the future. Before purchasing the land, the buyer should ensure that the property tax has been paid up to the transfer date and that the initial receipts for such a payment are available for verification.

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