Saint John Construction Association Collective Agreements

This online database provides information and is user-friendly. The user has unlimited access to the current/previous agreements and all arbitration awards that are subject to the division. The user will also be allowed to do historical research. The Collective Retrieval System Agreement (CARS) is an online search engine for collective agreements and arbitration awards that has been submitted to the Division of Labour Relations. The CARS system also includes the quarterly publication “Collective Bargaining in New Brunswick.” 10. 09 Except for work under a salt contract, no member of the Union may, at any time in the Province of New Brunswick, perform work within the meaning of the trade of construction electricians within the meaning of Section 17, paragraph 1, regulation 97-125, in accordance with the NB Act on certification of training and certification, with the exception of the paid employment of an employer within the meaning of section 2.3 of this collective agreement. The EU will inform the EU office of possible salt efforts. 25.01 The parties agree that, regardless of the positions announced before January 1, 2018, regardless of the positions announced before January 1, 2018, the provisions of the previous collective agreement may be processed until the conclusion. For greater security, the previous agreement is the one that expired on December 31, 2017. 10. 08 Employees install all electrical work in accordance with the current Canadian electronic code, construction contract specifications and all other provincial and/or municipal requirements that are applicable in a safe and professional manner. This system allows research into collective agreements and arbitration awards with keywords in both official languages. Through its extensive research functions, CARS is an invaluable tool for collective bargaining negotiators and managers, conciliation officers and mediators, as well as labour relations practitioners in general.

HISTORIC NOTE: Following the 1990 round of negotiations, Section 18 “Wage Amount and Hazardous Pay” and Article 19 “Abnormal Conditions” of the collective agreement were increased to 1% (1%) Deleted. The current personal package “Total Hourly” and is considered part of the overall economic regime between ECANB and the local union 1555 IBEW. 6.14 Contracting parties under the provisions of this collective agreement cannot grant electrical employment services that require a Class 3 electrical licence to contractors who are not covered by the provisions of the collective agreement. (300 construction workers) and the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE), Local 946 3.4 This collective agreement applies to all work carried out in the EU`s area of competence. 1.1 The aim of this agreement is to define and maintain satisfactory hours, wages and working conditions for both parties, as well as orderly collective bargaining. 5.5 Nothing in this article is considered a denial of a worker`s right to grieve under the collective agreement.

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