Reit Subscription Agreement

Close a request for a kit with a subscription contract and a new account application From this form to change the address, phone, email, name change, change or addition of interested people, go without paper or update the agents registered on your account Use this form to designate a beneficiary on a non-pension account. Investors should discuss with their financial expert whether the fund is suited to their overall investment strategy. Only for the people of Texas. This form allows you to define a person who will be notified in the future if the account becomes an unclaimed property. Use this form to request full or partial cash receipt of your account for use with Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) clients – Use this form to determine distribution products that will be paid or reinvested in cash You must access the corresponding documents and forms available here to learn more about Black Creek Industrial REIT IV. To be used with a fiduciary account – Use this form to name and authorize authorization to continue on one or more trust accounts. For information about PREDEX, please contact your financial expert. This document describes the details of the stock withdrawal program Use this form to re-enter or transfer the account Some broker traders require clients to access their account and update their account via their dealer broker site. Please contact your financial expert to find out more. Whether you want to update your recipient name, transfer your account or perform other account managers, we`ll be happy to help. Please check the associated forms and documents or use the interactive search option displayed here to get started.

For information about PREDEX, please contact your financial expert. The use of an execution form when designating this withdrawal is an obstacle. ..

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