Reciprocal Healthcare Agreement Canada

Medical expenses not covered by mutual billing agreements: The Canada Health Act has established mutual billing agreements between provinces/territories. Eligible residents therefore receive the necessary hospital and medical care and the provinces/territories will bill each other for the services provided directly. The portability of health care between provinces means that, in most cases, you can present your health card in another province/region, instead of paying out of pocket for justified services. However, the provinces do not have individual agreements with countries, but they do have to deal with them at home and may not cover everything. For Ontario residents, the reciprocal agreement applies to all provinces except Quebec. Ontario`s health plan covers you for medical and hospital services received in other provinces as long as benefits are received at a publicly funded hospital. Prescription drugs purchased outside Ontario are not covered. Travelling outside Canada requires you to pay in advance and ask for a refund on your return; coverage is very limited and does not cover health or transportation services. In addition to the provinces, Canada`s territories also provide health care to their residents. Both the Northwest Territories and Nunavut and Yukon have mutual agreements with provinces other than Quebec, but outside of Canada, all fees must be paid in advance.

The Canadian provinces have a mutual agreement that allows them to bill each other for the care of homeless Canadians outside their home provinces. With this agreement, you can display your province`s health card in any Canadian province for coverage. The most notable exception is Quebec, which has no mutual agreement with another province; You are obliged to pay in advance for services and request a refund. The same applies to travel outside of Canada, where no agreement is reached and travellers are responsible for all medical bills.

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