Ibm Eula Agreement

1) use, copy, modify or disseminate the program, unless this agreement expressly allows it; 2) Reverse Assemble, Reverse Compile, otherwise translate or reverse engineering of the program, unless the law is expressly authorized by law without the possibility of contractual waiver; 3) use the components, modules, audiovisual content or associated licensed documents of the programme separately from this programme; or 4) sublicensing, leasing or leasing of the program; and J. Assimil8 Limited remains independent and separate from IBM as an IBM Business partner. Assimil8 Limited is not liable for IBM`s actions or statements or obligations to Licensee.k. Licensing and intellectual protection provisions for other agreements made by the licensee with Assimil8 Limited (for example. B a framework agreement) do not apply to program licences granted under this agreement.l. L Li can change depending on changes made by IBM. The licensee undertakes to monitor changes to IBM`s website and to implement the corresponding changes in the use of programs.m by the licensee. The licensee authorizes IBM`s program licensing agreements to Assimil8 Limited and IBM For for programs announced prior to May 1, 1999, please contact your on-site IBM office or your local IBM Business partner. This licensing and program service agreement is published in accordance with the provisions of Indensagb and Part 2 of this agreement.

The license structure for the taker is shown in the table below; The exact legal descriptions of IBM Cognos`s intelligence licenses that apply to IBM Cognos are available on IBM`s website. The objective of the program`s services is to perform the functions necessary to provide the licensee (a) problem-solving assistance, including remote and on-site assistance, (b) technical know-how in the use of standard software and solutions. Please note the “Beyond the Scope” section at the end of this contract. Considering that IBM sells different types of products with different types of licenses, there are also different licensing information documents. These agreements include the user rights you have, as well as the conditions under which the programs are granted. A. Nothing in this agreement affects the legal rights of consumers who cannot be abandoned or contractually restricted.b. For the programs that Assimil8 Limited makes available to the taker in tangible form, Assimil8 Limited fulfills its delivery and delivery obligations upon delivery of these programs to the carrier designated by Assimil8 Limited, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the taker and Assimil8 Limited.c.

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