Fingal County Council Tenancy Agreement

You sign a rental agreement if you are a tenant, and it contains a lot of information. Please take the time to read it and know what your responsibility as a tenant is. For more information, check out your rental manual. In the event of a transfer of a rental agreement, the persons mentioned in the rental agreement are changed, which you sign if a house is assigned to you. The transfer of rent applications is reviewed for the following reasons: Many new land in the Landkreis have community parking spaces. Please use your common sense when parking your car and block your neighbors` access to their home. Council tenants may exchange the lease of their existing home for a rental agreement with another council, the housing authority or the recognized voluntary housing company. These transfers must be approved by us and the other local authority. Each tenant receives a rental manual This explains your rent, your rent, the maintenance of your home, how you deal with antisocial behavior, how you protect your home and other useful information.

What types of repairs are paid under the plan? Tenants are encouraged to participate in the management of Council housing. You can do this by joining your resident association or by creating a Residents Association if there isn`t one yet. If you need information about your residents` association or if you need information on how to contact the community section by phone on 01 890 5100. The community officer can help you get started. They can also give you advice on how to get grants for community activities. . Meath County Council Monaghan County CouncilOffaly County CouncilRoscommon Co. Co.Sligo County Council South Dublin County Co. Tipperary County CouncilWaterford City – County Co.Westmeath County Co.

Wexford County Council Landowners who wish to apply for additional information should contact their local authority. Weekly expenses are calculated on the basis of the weekly evaluable income of all members of the household. Our differential rent diet document and guide To Differential Rents Scheme 2019 explains how to calculate weekly fees. How long should the property be made available for social housing? Under the differential income plan, your weekly expenses (rent) are based on the assessable income of all members of the household. It is your responsibility, as a tenant, to inform us of any change in circumstances; z.B. changes in income or people entering or moving into the household. You cannot install a satellite dish without the permission of the Council. You can keep animals like cats and dogs as long as they do not represent nuisance to your neighbors. If you are not sure how you work your heating system, let us know and we can send you information explaining what to do. If you have a prepay gas meter, you need to keep it in the credit for your heating system to work. Keep in mind that there are daily parking charges on prepaid gas meters – if you need information on how you work with a prepaid gas meter, ring us and we can send you some information. You will find more information and contacts for local authorities below: Galway County CouncilKerry County CouncilKilkenny County CouncilKilkenny County Council Leitrim County Council Leitrim County Council Leitrim County Co.Limerick City – County Co.Longford County Council Mayo County Council Any new tenant must take an introductory course.

This course explains your duties as a new tenant and explains our responsibilities. You are contacted to participate in a course where you can ask us questions. If you can`t do it, please let us know so we can arrange you for another day.

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