Clause 37 Of My Residential Tenancy Agreement

within the actual time frame, each party gives the other written notification regarding the party`s intention not to pursue the lease. A notice of contract under Section 123A(2) (as inserted in the amendment) may require a lessor to submit to the manager any document relating to points 2 (b) to (d) of this clause, which is held by the lessor or under the control of the lessor at the time of receiving the lessor`s notification. the date provided for the increase in the rent payable is contrary to the subsection (1), the lessor may, with the agreement of the tenant or (in case of non-compliance with such an agreement), notify the tenant, with the agreement of the court, a new notification of modification of the original notice in order to bring into compliance the conditions of the initial notice with the provisions of this subsection. Any procedure or procedure opened before that date, during which the rent payable for the tenancy agreement may vary, can be continued and concluded and has effects on a different rent, as if this law had not been adopted, but subject to a court order in accordance with section 25: the name and contact address of the tenant (if it is different from the address of the premises to which the contract relates) of the tenant; and the rent is increased to [date] of [amount] (at least twelve months after the start of the lease) and then increased by the same amount at [date/date] since it is [a date] [date] which is at least 12 months after the previous rent increase. 19 (1) A lessor may not require or accept a security deposit or security deposit for property damage greater than the equivalent of 1/2 of the monthly rent payable in the tenancy agreement. When the tenant leaves food or other perishable goods on the site at the termination of the lessor, the lessor may, as soon as the premises are taken over, deem them suitable for the lessor. Any provision in a tenancy agreement that, if the tenant does not violate any clause in the contract or any of the provisions of this Act or another act, that the rent is reduced or may be reduced, or that the tenant grants or may benefit from a rebate, refund or other benefit, must be interpreted as entitling the tenant to that reduction, rebate, refund or other benefit in all cases. If a pension lease is also a service rent, the requirement in paragraph 53, paragraph 1, does not apply to a tenant between a period of at least 14 days. Each rental agreement must be signed in writing and by the landlord and tenant. the date set by the court at the request of the lessor in accordance with paragraph 2 as the date of termination of the tenancy agreement. Pension, pension, lease and boarding school are given the importance given to them in Section 66B (a) to terminate a lease agreement on a date that expires before the tenancy date if the termination of the termination of the tenancy agreement in accordance with Section 47 [Notification of the Lessor: Cause] and the Order, That a provision of this Act does not apply or does not apply to a tenancy agreement or dwelling or applies in its amended form, as the judge may indicate in order: If the tenancy agreement sets a maximum number of persons normally allowed to reside in the premises during the lease, the tenant ensures that at any time of the lease , this number is no longer in the premises.

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