Bc Caribou Section 11 Agreement

A Section 11 agreement sets out conservation measures consistent with the Species Protection Act, including measures to: Where can I get more information and learn more about draft contracts? From March 21 to May 31, 2019, B.C government concluded two Caribou recovery agreements with the public. The feedback period is now closed. A What We Heard report to be published in the fall of 2019. The conservation agreement allocates $3.255 million in federal funds to support the development and implementation of these supply plans over the next five years. In addition, GNWT has negotiated $1 million in funding to support related engagement and consultation activities to ensure that these plans reflect the values and interests of northern countries. “For thousands of years, caribou have given us food, clothing and tools to survive difficult winters. They`re not just animals for us. They are our brothers and sisters, our friends and our ancestors. Caribou have been suffering for decades because their habitat is being gradually destroyed. They need us now, all of us.

This partnership agreement gives us hope. This means that help is on its way. – Roland Willson, head of Moberly Western Nations Section 11 of the Federal Species at Risk Act, allows a federal minister to enter into an agreement “with any government in Canada, an organization or a person, to take advantage of an endangered species or to improve its survival in the wild.” These include borreal caribou, which are listed as threatened in Canada and in the NWT. “From the beginning, this government has been committed to protecting this iconic species. There is no doubt that we have faced some challenges along the way, but I am proud to see how the parties have persevered in seeking solutions – and this agreement today is a big step forward. ” – B.C.`s Minister of Honour for Forests, Country, Conservation and Rural Development Together, today`s agreements lead a clear path and set achievable goals for stabilizing and reclaiming the Southern Mountain Caribou. The agreements are also a model for Karibuim`s continued recovery throughout the country. The final conservation agreements were developed through consultation and with input from relevant communities, First Nations and stakeholders. Links to the agreements can be find below. The overall objective of the agreement is to articulate the steps that the governments of Canada and the NWT will take over the next five years to support the long-term goal of maintaining an independent boreal caribou population within the NWT.

In November 2017, a draft conservation agreement between the governments of Canada and British Columbia for the Southern Mountain Caribou Central Group was published. Based on feedback received during the public comment period, the scope of the draft agreement was extended to groups in the south, centre and north. Negotiations for a partnership agreement between Canada, British Columbia and the Saulteaus and the West Moberly First Nations began at the end of 2017.

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