Off We Go

In just a few hours, I’m going to be hopping on a plane to another season. There will be butt-numbing numbers of hours watching personal video, reading and listening to music. And then, I’m going to find myself in South Africa.

Yes, South Africa. Where, if weatherbug has it correctly, the weather will be surprisingly like it has been in Seattle. Imagine that.

We are going because my husband, who is very brave and maybe a little insane, will be running this marathon. Which really isn’t a marathon at all. It starts that way, but then it keeps on going. For a total of 55 miles. Did I mention a little insane? And very, very brave?

Afterwards, and after a couple of days of recovery, we’ll be heading out on safari before heading back home.

I can’t wait to share some of the stories with you. I also can’t wait to see what will be happening in the garden when I return. It is already so full of promise. My pea plants seem to grow in inches overnight, and have just started to put out scarlet blooms. Lemony sorrel, which was planted last fall, is in full force. Chives have blossomed into beautiful lilac balls. And I have just harvested my first leeks!




There is nothing like a leek pulled straight out of your own garden.

With these, I made little julienned strips, tossed them in olive oil, and roasted them in a hot oven for about 15 minutes. They caramelized up quickly into little crisps which taste remarkably like toasted marshmallows.


You can use them to top soups, pizzas or as I did on top of a simple salad of sorrel, sauted trumpet mushrooms and an egg. Delicious.


Have a great couple of weeks! See you in June!