Workshop with Penny De Los Santos
11 Dec 2009

pennychile I've been looking forward to today for many weeks now, as soon as I heard that Penny De Los Santos (National Geographic photographer as well as a significant contributor to Savuer) was coming to Seattle to give a talk on her work and food photography. It's an early Christmas present for me. Last night, I had the pleasure of meeting of meeting Penny at an informal potluck welcoming her to Seattle, and she shared a few of her stories while we sat around on couches and a fire twinkled behind her. I could have sat there for hours listening to Penny. She is a delight, and I found myself quickly caught up in her passion. It's exactly what I needed to inspire me and get me to think about my work in a new light... something I think we all need now and then. I'll have more on the today's workshop later in the weekend, but until then, you should check out some of Penny's work. Photo by Penny De Los Santos

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