Seattle Food Photography & Styling Summer Internships

This summer, I have decided to offer 2 one-month long, part-time, unpaid internships for those in the Seattle area. Interning with me is super casual, and you’ll get lots of hands on with all aspects of styling and shooting food for cookbooks, websites and magazines. The weekly schedule will be very flexible, but expect to be in the studio about 2 days a week.

Your day may consist of prepping food, going to the farmer’s market or grocery store, helping with light modification or cleaning up dishes… or it might be getting to use the studio (and all its dishes, cameras, lenses, etc.) for your own projects… or it might include a portfolio review of your current work, working as a hand model and then eating lots of donuts.

While I’d love to make this a paying position, at this point, having an assistant isn’t a necessity for me. But I do like the idea of helping others out there who are getting started. This is a great opportunity if you are just thinking about getting into the food photography or styling business and aren’t sure if it is for you or if you are a currently enrolled photography student that is specializing in food photography.

If you are interested, send mail to lara @ with a bit about you, what you are looking for in an internship, and a link to your work.

Update: Thanks everyone for your responses! I know it’s only been a few days since I posted this, but I’m afraid at this point, I have enough candidates. If things go well this summer, I’ll look into continuing the program into the year.