Garden Thieves and CSAs
8 Apr 2009

Someone stole my cabbage. I'm not pointing fingers or anything, but there is a certain dog who got his fair share of roughage for the week.

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And if that weren't enough, I was so excited to see a little morel volunteer poking it's head up through the weeds in nearly squealed. Until I went to pick it and realized that it was already occupied by a certain slug who just happened to have an unfortunate accident with the garbage disposal a few moments later.
Img 6337Img 6341
Thankfully, I recently signed up for the New Roots Organics CSA, so my fridge is filled with all kinds of other good things, well away from garden thieves. Like a big bunch of fat asparagus that needs to be eaten right away. At the moment, I have no shortage of ideas of what to do with it either. I've been reading my way through the Chez Panisse Vegetables cookbook like it was a torrid romance novel. Alice has her way with asparagus. After making the easy asparagus and vegetable soup for dinner a couple of nights ago, today I decided to go for the even simpler asparagus with crispy gingerroot. I threw in some leftover julienne leeks as well, and gobbled it up atop some yam noodles.
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Sorry, Leo... none for you.
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