Upcoming Food Styling & Photography Workshops
17 Jan 2009

Sun, Surf & Food Style II: This three-day hands-on workshop will be held in San Diego, California on February 20-22, 2009. After the first day of group instruction, the stylists and photographers will work in pairs with the food stylists under the guidance of Lisa Golden Schroeder and the photographers with Gregory Bertolini. Each stylist/photographer team will produce a number of images using Gregory Bertolini’s professional equipment (Hasselblad Medium Format and Linhof and Sinar Large Format View Cameras) as well as your own photography equipment. You'll have plenty of opportunities to consult with Gregory one-on-one. Stylists will work closely with Lisa to style a number of dishes. Everyone will walk away with several images for their portfolios. On day two, students will receive hands-on experience in creating editorial images (e.g. produce a cover shot for a food magazine), and day three will focus on creating advertising images (e.g produce a packaging image for a frozen pizza box). For more information, see the Photo Styling Workshop website. If you can't make it to San Diego, check out Everyday Food Styling, an online 4-week fully interactive course taught by Lisa Golden Schroeder starting January 27th.

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