A Few Days in Rome
6 Aug 2008

Late July and August may not be the best time to visit Italy between the soaring temperatures and gaggles of tourists. But, then again, there really isn't ever a bad time to be here. We are having an amazing trip. Here are a few shots from our first few days, spent in Rome, to give you just a taste.

Img 3481Img 3479 Img 3484
[above: from our flat in Rome]

 Mg 3535 Mg 3529  Mg 3532
[above: Morning at a civilized 10am, at the market right out side our flat]

 Mg 3503 Mg 3495  Mg 3499  Mg 3498 Mg 3500
[above: Lunch is an escape from the heat in Trastavere with a fresh Insalata de Melone and fresh anchovies.]

 Mg 3516 Mg 3526
[above: Cole has been enjoying her new camera taking in her own views of the city. We all enjoyed a bit of relief from the heat as an afternoon storm moved in.]

 Mg 3551  Mg 3549 Mg 3569  Mg 3595
[above: walking through the Palentine and Forum instead of joining the long lines for the Coliseum. We are heading back to Rome sometime this month to see a few more of the traditional sites we skipped on this quick tour.]

 Mg 3523 Mg 3505
[above: quiet moments]

 Mg 3541  Mg 3537 Mg 3540
[above: the market in Campo di Fiori]

 Mg 3633 Mg 3626

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