In The Kitchen with Design Sponge
7 Mar 2008

I hope you made it to Design Sponge last week to see Bea's beautiful recipes. I have to say when I saw her lovely post appear, knowing full well that mine would be up next, I was quite nervous because I knew I'd better come up with something good to follow! While my sesame-vanilla ice cream may not have the same eye-poppingly gorgeous spring colors, I can promise you that the recipe is well worth trying.

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If you haven't been to Design Sponge before, you are definitely in for a treat. So much to browse through and add to your secret desires list. I am very excited that Kristina asked me to be a little part! You can find the ice cream recipe and a little more about it here.

(In case you were wondering, I am an Amazon affiliate, and purchases from links in this post to Amazon may earn me a nickel or two... so thanks!).

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