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  • Great comments on the BU International Conference on Food Styling and Photography!

    I was lucky enough to meet some great stylists at the event and deepen my relationship with a stylist that I had the pleasure to work with about a month before the conference.

  • I am a food photographer located in Cairo, Egypt. Your website is very enjoyable and definetly on my list of favorites.

  • Lori Eanes is a San Francisco based photographer specializing in food and people with a fresh, fun, creative style. Check out her new website!

  • I am a food photographer located in the netherlands.I think your food photos are easy to look at I think they are great.

  • Lori Ann Scott is based in Austin Texas and does website photography, travel photography, musicians and business card photos.

    Check out my website. My product photography is not there yet but is ready to be added.

    Check it out!

    Lori Ann

  • Greg Marino is a New York City based photographer that specializes in conceptual still-life and food images.

    You can view my latest work on my website at Enjoy!


  • Mira Zaki is a food, travel, and stock photographer relocating to New York, New York soon! You can view my latest work at:

    I can be reached at:

    thanks !

  • HELLO … My name is Moira I am a food fotographer located in Milan – ITALY.

    Great web site! Thanks for this opportunity

  • I am located in Brooklyn, NY and work in the NYC area, including upstate. I have a BFA in Photography from Pratt Institute.

    I love both making and photographing food.


  • Hi…everybody.
    My name is Tihomir, I am a food photographer and stylist from Bulgaria.
    Enjoy the sait mayby your favorite piture is there

  • I am HUNGRY

  • Hi
    I am a Norwegian food photograper, located in Oslo. It is lunch time and I`m browsing the net for nice websites, and inspiration. Found this,- great!

    Have a nice day.


  • Great website!

    We are NYC and LA based food photographers.
    Please check out our website.

  • I am a Editorial Food Photographer in Houston, Texas.
    Thank you for all this wonderful information!

    debora smail

  • I am a high-End, very experienced photographer (international published Fashion photographer)

    Michael Almeida 310-428-5077


  • Specializing in Food Photography. Located in Roswell,GA. Co-owner of beautiful Flavors Magazine.

  • I am a food photographer based in Toronto and the Greater Toronto area. I specialize in fine dining as well as casual food photography.

  • I am a food photographer based in Toronto and the Greater Toronto area. I specialize in fine dining as well as casual food photography.

    Telephone: 416-545-9902

  • I am a food photographer based in the Philadelphia area, but willing to travel wherever the jobs take me.

    Phone: 856-261-5450

  • Jessica Luchesi
    São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Phone: (55 11) 8111-7953

    I’m a Brazilian food and portrait photographer, just have a look on my website and blog for my portfolio. I’m constantly on the move between Rio and São Paulo, so, it’s fair to say I’m available on both cities. If you ever need someone here on south america, give me a call.

  • yaniv levy photography, located in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Nino Andonis photography. I specialize in desserts and sweets, along with executing the food styling. My studio is located in New York. I invite you to see my work on my website and enjoy all the delectable food images.

  • I am based in Long Beach, Ca. and always looking for work.

  • Professional Still life and Food photographer based in Cairo – Egypt since 2003, founder of STAMIM Photography and partner in Lime Light Studio.
    I ve been working as a food photographer together with Hoda El Sherif my favourite food stylist. We handled jobs with many local and international clients, which we will be posting soon once we launch the professional website. For the time being it is my pleasure to post my Flickr profile where i am putting the best of my food photography.

    Sherif Tamim

  • Winnie Ma of Style Shoot Eat is a Southern California food photographer that services the Los Angeles, Orange County and Inland Empire areas. Making food look its best on camera is her main priority while giving solid attention to detail and presentation. She loves creativity and making each shoot the best one yet.

  • Daniel Troutman
    Salem (Jefferson), Oregon
    Food Photography and Styling

  • I am a Photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area specializing in Food and Products for Advertising, Catalog, and Editorial. Please have a look at my website – I’d love to hear from you! 415.377.3481

  • Hi! My name’s Jay Baggett. I’m a photographer in the Boston area. I specialize in food and product. Please check out my images at Thanks fo much!

  • Hi there!
    I’m a food photographer, working in Los Angeles. I specialize in Food, Lifestyle and Travel.

    I love easy, beautiful, simple images.
    Please see my website and blog for a little glimpse of me. I’m always looking to test with new stylists, and ofcousre always looking to work with new people


  • Hello Everyone

    Nice to see someone sharing info so openly-because as Ben Franklin said during the constitutional convention,”…if we don’t hang together, we shall surely all hang separately.”

    BTW I love working in and with natural light, check out our website

    Love to hear from you.

  • An update a few years late- I am living in New York now- good thing my website is still the same 😉
    mobile 310.634.8268

  • My Name is Dustin Lewis. I am a Food Photographer located in Virginia Beach, Va.

    Please take a moment to view my site. Call or email for a quote.

  • I am a freelance food photographer & assistant looking for work in the NYC/NJ area.

  • Kristal Blanford
    Evansville, Indiana

    I have my own studio. Nikon D90, wide angle lens, macro, etc. I can take any food photos you need. I will even purchase the props myself. Contact me! I don’t have set prices.

  • nikclick

    My name is Autumn Thomas and I am a photographer looking to get into food photography. I live in Fort Wayne IN my email address is

  • I am Food and Wine photographer based in Sonoma County. Check us out! Studio or Location.

  • I am a food, travel, and still life photographer based in Los Angeles, California. I specialize in cookbooks and my website is:

    Many thanks for taking a look!