Rookie on the Blog…

I know. This is a rookie thing to do. But, I just have to share, because there is only one first time that your photos get published in a magazine. And that time, for me, is now. Seattle Magazine’s Best Restaurant issue is out, and while no, that’s not one of mine on the cover, I do have photos all over inside! Well, all over at least 7 pages anyway.

My first shoot for Seattle Magazine was at Tom Douglas’s Serious Pie restaurant, and I so remember the drive home after shooting their wonderful pizzas for an hour or so. All I could thing was “this has got to be the best job in the whole world.” To celebrate, we went there for dinner last night… and yes, the pizza is worth the hour and a half wait (of course, waiting across the street at Lola with their tasty mojitos wasn’t exactly roughing it.)

Also, as an added bonus and a surprise to me, Cook & Eat (along with a bunch of other fantastic Seattle food blogs) got quite a nice mention!

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