Strobist On Assignment: Mac & Cheese
13 Feb 2007

If you spend much time looking at photo related blogs, you've probably already stumbled across Strobist, one man's terrific attempt to teach flash photography from start to finish. This site has a HUGE amount of info on flashes and other studio setups, and is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself if studio photography is going to be "your thing" or even just to find out if you like it or not. Take a look at his boot-camp series and lighting 101 sections if nothing else. This weeks post is particularly relevant to Still Life With readers... it's all on how to take a simple tabletop shot of food... specifically Mac & Cheese. The reflective nature of the dish, as well as the subtle light tones, makes getting the lighting right critical, and David walks through how to use a stand-in before the "hero" subject is actually put in place. It's a good quick read and might even get you to take the step into (off camera!) flash photography.

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