2006 Food Blog Awards – Woo Hoo!

Wow. And Thanks!

I’ve just learned that Cook & Eat was nominated for Best Food Blog – Photography for the 2006 Food Blog awards! How cool is that!

I’m incredibly honored just to have been nominated, when there are so many blogs out there with such great photography… including some that I would have certainly put in place of my own! Not that I’m giving up my spot mind you!

Voting looks to be open until Jan 9th… so do go check out the awards and be sure to visit all the fantastic nominees. Then, make sure you vote! And if you vote for my little blog, you certainly have my sincere appreciation!

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  • You earned it. Yours is some of the best food photography I see on the blogs, and certainly always an inspiration to me.

  • Totally deserved Lara. I love your food photography but you know that already!

  • Wow – fantastic blog, and much deserved award nomination! I landed here via Cam’s blog, but I’m subscribing to your RSS right now. Thanks!

  • Tea

    Congratulations! I was delighted to see that. It is well deserved, that I know.

  • Well deserved!

  • Yvo

    I was happy to see your blog up there. I’ve already voted, unless I can vote as many times as I wish…. 😉 Well, no matter, that vote went to you 🙂

  • Congratulations! Your work is inspiring.


  • Wow. The photography on your site is, wow. I found you courtesy of the Food Blog awards (congratulations!) and can’t wait to come back!

  • L,

    Congratulations on your finalist status. You have a lot of amazing co-finalists, who are all stunning photographers, but C&E gets my vote.

    I wonder if it might have taken me ages to stumble across your site if you hadn’t linked to us on blogday, and now I’m delighted to say that both of your blogs are two of my strongest inspirations.

    In looking back over my photos from the last 6 months, it’s clear I am learning a LOT from you, both directly on Still Life With… and by osmosis over here.

    I’ve got all my fingers crossed for you!

  • Lara, that’s fantastic! Your blogs just keep getting better & better–I’ve put in my vote!

  • Congratulations! But of course I knew you would be in the running 🙂

  • congratulations from Paris !!
    Very well done .

  • you absolutely deserve the nomination and your photos are so incredibly inspiring!

    i love your blog! fantastic posts and gorgeous pictures!

  • Glad to see you received a nomination you definitely deserved! I always wonder how you get your pictures to look so crisp and perfectly focused, they’re great!

  • L

    Thank you all for your wonderful support & kind words. I was so thrilled just to be in the running and to get some new eyes over here to enjoy what I’m doing.

    I know there were lots of complaints from some about the awards and how they worked… but I for one was just honored to have my little blog in the same list as Bea’s, Keiko’s, Andrew’s and EatingAsia (oops, can’t remember their names…)… all amazing, beautiful blogs.

    I’m genuinely touched at all of your compliments!