Call for Recommendations (London & NYC)

Cam and I have lots of traveling coming up in the next month… first, it’s off to NYC for about four days where Cam will be running the New York Marathon (in obviously much less than four days!). We have dinner plans for two nights already… at Lupa and at Raoul’s, but we are looking for a couple more cool spots for dinner and even more importantly, little holes in the walls for lunch. My last little food tour of New York was a ton of fun but I want to keep looking for new spots (although I’m definitely going to that same epic falafel cart.)

Then, after a short respite at home, we’ll be heading to London to visit our friends who just moved there. They live right by Portobello Road, so the market there will be a must, and I’m sure they will have plenty of places lined up for us too… but we’ll be there over a week, so I’d love to get some other recommendations… bakeries, cheese shops, restaurants, cafes, pubs, you name it.

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