A few weeks ago, I posted about a new rental lens service called Ziplens. Unlike Rentglass, Ziplens had the two lenses in stock that I was hoping to try, so I placed an order to rent them for a couple of weeks. The lenses have come and gone back, and I must say, the whole process was amazingly simple and effortless.

The lenses came well packed, with simple instructions on how to return them. Both lenses were in great condition, clean and free from any knicks or scratches. Returning was even simpler… just pack the lenses back in the same boxes, wrap up in the enclosed plastic wrapper, making sure to place the return label on the top, and then, the really sweet part – leave them at the door for the postman to pick up. No calling for a UPS pickup or having to make a trip to the post office. I received both a prompt return reminder and a notice when the lenses reached home. I also learned that while I enjoyed shooting with both lenses, I’m glad I didn’t buy them.

The two lenses I tried were the 60mm 2.8 macro and the 24mm Tilt/Shift… both are quite pricey lenses. The 60mm was a nice lens, but for some weird reason I found it had a bigger noise problem than any of my other lenses.

The 24mm Tilt/Shift lens was a different story. This is a brilliant lens, and I really fell in love with it. Here’s an example shot:

But, I really need something a little less wide for my food shots. You can’t tell, but I’m about as close as I can get to the glass here. Since returning the 24mm, I’m borrowing the 45mm Tilt-Shift from a friend, and it’s pretty much ideal. While I’m still trying to figure out the whole tilting and shifting thing, it’s fun to play with. More on that lens in future posts.

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