Even More Behind the Lens with MatthewA?
10 Aug 2006

I admit it. I've been holding out on you. I saw the very excellent interview with Matt on I Speak Film days ago, and devoured it, without adding a link here instantly as I should have done. But, you see, there was a reason, and I suppose now is as good as a time to tell you as any. I'm starting a new series of posts in which I interview people in the industry. It's something that I have been planning all along, but first had to get a lot of the basics done. And, while I still have a lot how-tos to go, a couple of months ago I started scheming about who I'd want to interview first. And Matt, that man of many exclamation points, immediately came to mind. Between his ebullient personality and his phenomenal aesthetic sense, I couldn't imagine a better way to kick it off. So after a couple of email exchanges and playing schedule Tetris, we agreed upon a time to meet. Which just happens to be next week. Yes, a week after the big I Speak Film interview went live. The good news is that it means I don't have to ask a lot of the same old boring questions. The bad news is I have to come up with a lot of really interesting ones. And, while I'm certainly not at all afraid of running out of topics, I thought I'd open up the interview to you folks too! So, if you haven't yet, pop on over and read through the interview and drool over his photos for a bit. Then, come back here, and let me know what other questions you have for Matt... I'll do my best to get them answered for you!

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