Elsewhere: Coffee & Cocktails
2 Jun 2006

It's been some time since I've posted about all my other blogging... and since it's going to be a bit quiet here again for a few days, as I'm heading down to Vegas this weekend with some friends, here's some of my Elsewhere reading to keep you entertained: Getting your Espresso Fix on A Nice Cuppa Getting my green beans locally, at Cafe Vivace Zach & Dani's Ethiopian Yergacheffe Hot Beans for Cold Drinks A Bean Named Fabio Keeping it Clean - How to clean up your espresso machine Tasty Cocktails on The Spirit World A mojito alternative (not that I really need one!) Flowery Drinks: A Hibiscu-tini! Decent Content is undergoing a face lift, but should be up again soon... P.S. If you have any good Vegas restaurant or bar recommendations, please let me know! We're already booked for Bouchon on Sat night, but I'm still figuring out Sunday night.

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