Anthropomorphism & Food
25 Apr 2006

Most of my food photography attempts to make the food look irresistibly edible. Sometimes, though, it's more fun to simply make art. One of my favorite discoveries is when I capture a truly human moment in the food. Sometimes, it's planned, like in these pears.

What can make a pear blush?

I saw these pears in market, and couldn't help but think of one pear leaning over and whispering something embarrassing to the other and making it blush. With a little patience getting them balanced just right (and a touch of tape on the bottoms), I think the pears came to life. Although, not nearly as well as this photo, which is one of my favorites. More often, I find happy little accidents in the photos as I'm reviewing them, like this spinach that was giving itself a hug:
spinach gomaae

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