21 Steps, Whistler BC
12 Apr 2006

I've written a little about the restaurant, 21 Steps in Whistler BC, that we are part owners of before. We are silent parters, so we really have nothing to do with the incredible quality of the food or the service. The managing partners, Gardner and Stacey Betteridge and chef Owen Jones, deserve the credit for that. Given I have a vested interest, I won't actually do a review of the place, other than to say that with all of our choices of restaurants in Whistler, we usually eat there at least a couple of times during any trip longer than 2 nights. The food really speaks for itself, and I took an hour this week to go in and take some photos that I thought I'd share with you. (most of these will probably end up on the website at some point, when I get around to redoing it).

21 Steps 21 Steps 21 Steps 21 Steps 21 Steps 21 Steps 21 Steps 21 Steps - in the Attic bar

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