Thank You, Pete Wells

There are already many, many well stated blog posts about the recent Food & Wine editorial piece by Pete Wells in which he claims:

“…a good blog needs to communicate passion, and a really good blog will make the reader feel passionate as well. This should be easy when the subject is food, but it does rule out cheese sandwiches. Listen up, bloggers: Nobody cares what you had for lunch today!”

And while I agree with his critics, I won’t jump into that particular fray. Frankly, there are good food blogs and there are bad ones, just like in magazines, cookbooks, TV shows, etc. I could chastize him for failing to dig deeper and finding all the passion and purpose there actually is in the food blogging community. But again, others have done this, and done it better than I could.

I will, however, contribute this cheese sandwich. Which I likely would not have eaten today, for lunch, if it weren’t for the ever growing temptation caused by all those fantastic cheese sandwich photos on other blogs that have been haunting me all week. Every bite of this sandwich, the El Guapo from Honey Hole in Seattle, makes me say Oh, My God. I can’t believe how good this is. It’s a drippy, smoky, buttery mess caught between crusty goodness. I am in heaven.

el guapo 009

So, Pete Wells, you are my own, personal Tard of the Week (in complete [DC] spirit), and thanks for the sandwich!

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