Cooking Coordination or Coincidence?

Trust me. There was no planning in this. It seems that my fellow food bloggers and I think along the same lines.

Heidi from 101 Cookbooks posted an amazing article on her pizza making experience a day before I got mine written up here. Yesterday, the site featured a cool and very complete review of Olive Oils. Um, guess what is sitting in my kitchen, awaiting a nice crusty bit of bread? I swear, I bought the oil a week and a half ago. I’ve got a receipt to prove it!

Bea published a wonderfully witty account of Green Curry and Eggplants today and just happens to match my Decent Dinner on [DC]… Thai Green Curry with Beef.

BTW: You can also find a new series of posts on [DC] called Eater’s Digest which wraps up a pile of food mags so you don’t have to buy them all like I did. I haven’t stumbled on to it yet, but I’m sure someone else has done this too.

And Megan of IHEARTBACON had this great write up on Vios, a terrific little Greek cafe just up the hill. And I ate there last week. Oh. That’s not that coincidental now is it. But it was definitely tasty.

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